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"Stella in the Kitchen" Book by Andrea F. Nunes


Stella is helping avó bake some yummy treats! There's lots to do and they are working as a team to get some of avó's delicious recipes in the oven! Stella's favorite treat is one of grandma's famous biscoitos over a glass of leite...What's your favorite?

Cooking and baking in the kitchen with avó was special in every way. It always seemed like a great, ordinary day at that time, but looking back, those moments were truly extra-ordinary! They are memories that will be cherished a lifetime, so grab your apron, put that baker's hat on, and relish every moment of creating those delicious family recipes to enjoy with your familia.

This book is written primarily in English with Portuguese words inserted into each page's rhyme, helping teach one word a ta time in a fun-to-read way.

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